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New England Food Show

Where all things foods get together to enjoy their time to converse.

From ice cream, fish, baked goods, spirits and everything in between were represented. Though a smaller convention than usual per long standing participants, COVID-19 changed the world. Listening to restaurant owners Nia Grace, Owner of Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, Bob Wang, Owner of Kowloon, Hector Pina, Founder of Merengue Group, represented the Multicultural Restaurant Panel. Hearing each story showed the strength and persistence it takes to bring your restaurant to the next level and to survive all the storms that owning a small business weathers. Local Everett Pasta Company Lilly’s Pasta owned by Lilly and Antonio D’Alelio were there serving their fresh pasta with Revere native Chef Gabe Guinta. Small businesses took a hit during COVID-19, great education classes were taught in new ways to compensate for such losses. Hearing small business stories is the true heart of America to live the American Dream and to work to make our families and community stronger together.

Gabe Guinta, Jose Quastro, Stephen Ciaccio, Alexander Correa

Antonio D’Alelio- Lilly’s Pasta Owner

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