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Nzuko Restaurant

Nzuko means “gathering” in Igbo, a language of Southern Nigeria.

Locations in Framingham, Natick, and the one I visit, Watertown.

The beautiful interior design is like taking a step into vacation mode. The Mediterranean style tile, the greenery up on the ceiling and on the walls. Along with wicker fans to give the feel of warmer weather. The feel of the restaurant being airy, breezy makes you feel like being on vacation.


The artwork on the walls represent Beautiful Women being in their power. As is the Restaurant owner Laurette. She was gracious and welcomed me into the kitchen to learn how she creates her healthy creations. Laurette enjoys traveling and mixed her roots from Haiti and her love for Mediterranean cuisines together.


She was inspired to make healthy meals to help improve the health of her family. She continued to practice cooking healthy for her family and wanted to bring her health conscious choices to the restaurant experiences.

While in the kitchen Laurette showed her spring menu creations, Shrimp that is marinated in Epis, Haitian marinade commonly includes ​​a blend of peppers, garlic, and herbs. To enhance the nutritious profile of the marinade, Laurette uses spinach.

Quality of Life is improved when adding fresh greens to any diet.

A favorite was served up at Nzuko, plantains, though they are fried, a treat now and again is always needed. I was taught how to fry the plantains first, let them be dipped in a salt/water solution (such as a brine), then flatten and then fried once more. Everything in moderation, the portion sizes at Nzuko are on point!

Teaching the preference of the classic Tomato and Cucumber Mediterranean salad is always a joy. Laurette and I were sent back to a fresh garden, picking the juicy tomatoes, with cucumbers, olive oil, red onion and her Spicy Feta Marinade, YUM!


Tomato and cucumber salad means summer has come. To pair all of this scrumptious food is the Choublac, Lemon, pineapple, monkfruitsugar.

Makes me feel like I was in Jamaica sitting on the beach taking in the sunshine rays.

Life is sweet, enjoy your next meal at Nzuko!


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