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Rare Lounge- Encore Casino

Rare Lounge at the Encore Casino is an experience.

The first step walking into Rare you are warmly greeted by the hostessing station. They kindly lead you into an elegant room where you can view an open bar that is decorated with such a variety of liquors. The cutest part of the night was when the hostess brought over mini chairs for our bags. How thoughtful! The server Bouchaid was wonderful and knowledgeable on the menu. We had questions on the different steaks and Bouchaib was able to answer them easily. We were first greeted with an amuse bouche: bellini topped with creme fraiche, salmon and salmon caviar, it was delightful. Refreshing and gearing us for the other courses. We then ordered our mocktail beverages , Passion Project and Butterfly Effect. The Passion Project was refreshing. It could be sipped all day long! The butterfly effect with the butterfly flower, cucumber was like a day at the spa.

Our appetizers included Lobster Bisque, French Onion Soup, and Little Gem Caesar Salad. The Little Gem Caesar salad had a crostini that was shaped like a bowel which held the salad. As for the lobster bisque it felt like you could taste that they had made the broth fresh using the shellfish. Jhalak our food runner, was knowledgeable on the ingredients in each dish. It was very helpful. The general Manager Tomas was kind to go to each table to see how their service and enjoyment of the food had been.

Next, we enjoyed our steaks the Boneless New York with truffle butter on top! Yum! We had it served with brussel sprouts, mash potatoes. They were just as you imagine.

The sweetest part happened to be the Pineapple Upside Down Baked Alaska for two, it was served table side. Baked Alaska is ice cream in the middle and it is covered in Italian Meringue which they then falmbé . The presentation was lovely, Levin the server did a great job! We paired the baked Alaska with the Rare Chocolate Cake, which had a la mode vanilla ice cream, the ice cream was just what this ice cream lover enjoys! Sweetness! As we were to leave, sweet goodies were served: macaroon, Pâte de fruit and chocolate truffle. Oh, the Rare Lounge was a Rare experience for Everett. The bar is set high.

Cheers until next time!

Photo Credit: Katy Rogers, @katyrogersart

So the fun begins!

Passion Project

Amuse - Bouche: Bellini topped with Crème Frîche, Salmon and Salmon caviar

Little Gem Caesar

French Onion Soup- My Sisters' Favorite

The Boneless New York atop Truffle Butter

Brussel Sprouts

Levin is Flambé our Pineapple Upside Down Baked Alaska

The Final Result!

Rare Chocolate Cake

Thank you for having us!

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