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Next Door Eastie Speakeasy

“What is Superman’s weakness?”

A hostess guided us into a dark hallway, where we knocked on a door three times, and upon presenting the password (Kryptonite), we were led into an exclusive dining area and bar.

We were greeted by the bartenders, who worked in conjunction to concoct an array of creative beverages while the hostess within kindly escorted us to our table.

The room is divine, with velvet seats and orbital chandeliers. The music includes a playlist of lively acoustic songs in contrast to the moody atmosphere. It is an intimate space, ideal for commemorating a special occasion. Friends and couples of all ages seemed to be enjoying their evening in the elusive environment.

We began by ordering beverages, and I chose “Purple Rain” after my favorite color. It is a gin beverage with cucumber slices shaped like a rose floating on top. The drink is calm, fun, and relaxing. The ice cube features a lock design, a marvelous touch in reference to the speakeasy. We also tried “Blossom and Bubbles” , another gin option, which is a bright blue drink in a tall glass and tastes of blueberry and lavender.

If you would like a show, order the “Girl Next Door” - where enclosed in a smoking treasure chest is a pineapple infused coconut drink made with clarified milk that is both tasty and entertaining.

For dinner, we began with the charcuterie board, which includes an array of prosciutto, salami, and cheeses paired with an apricot jam and sweet honey that melts in your mouth. The board is garnished with small flowers; an ornate touch.

I ordered the tuna tacos, which are far from ordinary. They feature a crab rangoon wrapper with delicious tuna and vegetables, topped with green caviar. They are superb.

We ordered the truffle burrata. Yum! That is all that needs to be said.

For a sweet ending, we enjoyed the Apple Crisp, which is warm, buttery, and topped with a touch of vanilla ice cream. We also had the mocha mousse, a light chocolate dessert with pistachio crumble and a performative torching of the meringue topping. Both desserts were delectable.

Many guests finished their evening off with the Espresso Martini, which I was informed tastes just as it is supposed to.

The service was spectacular and the staff was conscientious about food allergies, which is always a refreshing and inclusive plus. Off street parking was conveniently located in the back of the building.

As the seasons change, consider spending a cozy night out at Next Door Eastie SpeakEasy. It is an experience you won’t forget. Advanced reservations are required.

Written by: Victoria Fabbo & Katy Rogers

Photos by: Katy Rogers

Restaurant Review Victoria Fabbo, Opening the “ Girl Next Door”

Truffle burrata

Tuna Crudo

Purple Rain - Insert Prince

Bartender: Saul Miranda

Night Cap: Espresso Martinis

Apple crisp

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